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 We have enclosed some popular herding and Border Collie books that you may want  get as references.  There are selections on child and adult fiction, Stockdog Training books and Sheep and Dog health books.  You may  order these books directly from by clicking on the symbol.  If you have any additional titles that you think we should list, please let us know.

Children's Books

Working Dog Fiction Herding & Training Resources Sheep Management Dog Health Books

Children's Books (Top)

Floss, by Kim Lewis
Floss, a young border collie, is so busy working as a sheepdog on a farm that she has no time to frolic with the farmer's children, until the farmer discovers that his children need Floss as a companion and playmate.  Ages 4-8
Price:  $5.99 




Just Like Floss, by Kim Lewis
Story and illustrations are full of simple charm in the latest episode featuring border collie Floss and her warm farm family. When Floss has puppies, Father says the children can keep only one. But which of the five should they choose? It becomes obvious that brave, self-starter Sam is the right choice after he fearlessly faces a herd of sheep.   Lewis evokes a cozy rural landscape with soft, muted, and comforting tones, but it's her characterizations of the lovable border collie puppies that will melt the most hearts.  Ages 4-8
Price:  $5.99 


Little Puppy, by Kim Lewis
One of a new series of simple stories about the animals on Katies farm. Five bundles of black and white puppy fur have just arrived in Katies life. Under the watchful eyes of its mother, Katie carefully holds and gently strokes one of the puppies before setting it down to nestle with its brothers and sisters in a sleepy pile. Soft pastel illustrations invite readers into the safe warm haven of the barn. Over-large type invites early reading experiments. Simple, but sweet.  Ages 2-5
Price:  $9.99 


Little Lamb, by Kim Lewis
"Today on Katie's farm-" a newborn calf takes its first wobbly steps; a young lamb nibbles her fingers, then takes milk from a bottle; and a little puppy opens its eyes for the first time. These episodes, for they are too brief to be considered stories, are related in short, evocative sentences. The language generates a sense of comfort and warmth, while simultaneously including enough tactile detail to engage youngsters. Lewis's trademark soft, yet realistic colored-pencil illustrations perfectly reflect the scenes described in the texts. Readers can almost feel the velvety softness of the calf's nose as Katie reaches out to touch it. The puppy is appealing and so carefully rendered that children will want to pet his warm little tummy. Both the lamb and calf entries include appropriate animal noises (always a big hit with this audience) and all three books contain some simple dialogue. A lush, rural landscape decorates the endpapers. These titles are short and simple enough to use at storytime, but their gentle nature suggests that they may be best appreciated one-on-one.  Ages Baby-Preschool
Price:  $9.99 


Little Baa, by Kim Lewis
Little Baa is dancing through the fields as his Ma eats quietly nearby. When she looks up, Baa is gone. The other lambs, with whom Baa has been romping, soon return to their mothers, but Baa has disappeared. Ma wanders through the English countryside, tired, hungry, calling to her lamb. When the young shepherd and his collie, Floss, see Ma, they think perhaps they can help, and sure enough, Floss finds Baa waking up, as tired and hungry as his mother. The reunion of mother and baby is quite touching, and young listeners, first caught up in the animals' drama, will naturally understand that the story is also about love between themselves and their own mothers. This British import is tender and lovely, a nice mix of animal behavior and human emotion. The colored-pencil art has a pointillism effect, giving scenes that are precisely rendered a dreamy quality. A book for sharing that's as soft and sweet as a spring day.  Ages 3-5
Price:  $12.79 


Away to Me, Moss, by Betty Levin
While Zanna worries that her parents might separate for good, she slowly befriends a hard-to-handle Border collie and battles frustration and fear while running him in sheepdog trials. She also develops a special friendship with the dog's owner, an elderly man disabled by a stroke. The emotionally true progression of Zanna's personal defeats and triumphs marks the moving, introspective novel.  Ages 9-12
Price:  $14.95 



Look Back, Moss, by Betty Levin
In this stirring sequel to Away to Me, Moss, Moss the Border Collie finds himself far from home and badly hurt after a disastrous rescue attempt by a well-meaning team of animal activists. The team's plan was meant to liberate. But the result is mayhem, and Moss nearly pays the ultimate price. Only the gritty resolve of a young boy who is drawn to the wayward dog will determine whether or not Moss will be able to return to the work he was bred for -- and be reunited with his broken-hearted.  Ages 9-12
Price:  $15.00 


Working Dog Fiction (Top)

Nop's Trial, by Donald McCaig
A "modern classic" --a novel of courage and love, of the remarkable bond between a man and his Border Collie. Was out of print for several years, has now been reissued, and is a gripping story of Lewis Burkholder and his dog Nop, a working Border Collie. Authentic trial background for anyone who is interested in Border Collies, working or not!
Price:  $11.16 


Nop's Hope, by Donald McCaig
This finely written sequel to McCaig's popular Nop's Trials (1984) follows Penny Burkeholder and her unique Border Collie, Nop's offering, Hope. Fans of Nop will find him again, this time growing old with wisdom. McCaig takes us into the beautifully realized psyche of Penny as she comes to terms with a deep tragedy. After Penny's husband and daughter are killed in a truck accident, she leaves her rural home and takes to the road. Her parents, Beverly and Lewis, are left behind and hurt.
Price:  $11.96 


When the author of Nop's Trials, one of America's best-loved dog books, searches Scotland for a Border Collie, the result is both a vivid history of an astonishing breed and an exploration of the ancient, extraordinary pact between man and dog.
Price:  $11.96 



Herding & Training Resources (Top)

The Art of Raising a Puppy, by The Monks of New Skete
The monks of New Skete have been breeding and training dogs at their New York monastery for more than 20 years. Their philosophy of raising dogs accentuates the essential human-canine bond, whereby owners must learn to understand a dog's instincts, needs, and behavior. The book observes a litter of monastery puppies from birth to 12 weeks. Tender photographs and dialogue reflect these precious first few weeks of life. Even at this time, the human-canine link is vital; the monks stress the importance of gentle touch to help forge this connection. Basic puppy training techniques are explored and executed, all of which puppy owners should find easy to implement. Virtually all types of dog problems and dog training are examined in the book, always in compassionate and easily comprehensible language. The monks also look well beyond surface training techniques to analyze the roots of dogs' problems and explain how training can help. Owners are taught how to gently assert dominance over their dog, which will make for a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship. Beautiful black-and-white photographs of monastery puppies will pull at every heartstring.
Price:  $16.76


How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend, by The Monks of New Skete
The Monks of New Skete share their invaluable training techniques and philosophy in their bestselling book, How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend. First and foremost, the Monks--who themselves breed and raise German shepherds in Upstate New York--emphasize that "understanding is the key to communication, compassion, and communion" with your dog. Outlined in seven highly readable and informative chapters, the training principles offer a better knowledge of your pet's psyche and personality--ultimately deepening the bond between human and animal. Striving to educate and sensitize new and potential owners to dog kind, the book explores different breeds and temperaments, and assesses the best places from which to obtain a dog. Thanks to a succession of neatly ordered chapters and subsections on everything from crates and leash training to dog treats and massage, training is made accessible and even fun. The Monks lay particular emphasis on the importance of training with "spirit, humor, and most of all, physical and verbal praise!" Whether you're a new owner or an old-timer, How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend is one of the best training guides available, written with compassion, empathy, and humor. --Naomi Gesinger
Price:  $16.76


Sheep Management (Top)



Dog Health Books (Top)

Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook, by Delbert G. Carlson & James M. Giffin
Open the front cover and the first two pages you see contain the Index of Signs and Symptoms, from Abdomen (painful, swollen, distended, and tucked up) to Weight loss, Wheezing, and Whining (continual). There's a comprehensive index in back, of course, running the gamut from Abortion to Zinc-Responsive Dermatosis, which is all very useful, but when your pooch is in pain, it's great to be able to turn, with the minimum of folderol, to the page that says to relax, it's nothing a bit of extra grooming won't fix, or alternatively to hightail it over to the vet hospital. It's a wonderful reference for any dog owner, with chapters on emergencies (such as burns, dehydration, and poisoning), as well as worms, infectious diseases, skin care, and canine eyes, ears, and nose. There are chapters on the digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems, the nervous, musculoskeletal, and urinary systems, plus dog sex, whelping, puppy pediatrics, geriatrics, and chapters on cancers and medications. In short, it covers every health dimension a dog owner might want to know more about, identifies the possible causes, helps you determine the severity of the condition, and indicates what treatments or actions to take to best insure your dog's good health.
Price:  $25.00


UC Davis Book of Dogs : The Complete Medical Reference Guide for Dogs and Puppies, by School of Veterinary Medicine Staff, Mordecai Siegal
The editor of The Cornell Book of Cats teams up with the faculty of a distinguished school of veterinary medicine to provide this authoritative guide for dog owners, breeders, and trainers. The 43 comprehensive chapters include information on selection, nutrition, emergency care, the needs of older dogs, and more. Illustrations. Color insert.
Price:  $22.40


The Merck Veterinary Manual - 8th Edition, by Various authors

Provides useful information to the veterinary practitioner. Addresses diseases seen worldwide in all the common domestic species. Thumb-tabbed. Trim size: 8 x 5.5 inches. Multiple international contributors.
Price:  $32.00


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